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Monday, May 18, 2015

The Piku Week Day #2: A Hall Full Of Punabis And Sardarjis And Bangalis And Taaliyaan: Non Stop Applause

So finally last night I managed to get tickets and watch PIKU!!And what an experience obviously it was....

I have been trying to get tickets ever since the advance bookings opened....but my chances were pretty dim, as almost all theaters I tried were sold out....a great thing, but not necessarily for me. I had vowed not to give up and I kept at it each single day...till I got the tickets :)

Once there, I realized we were up against one giant crowd....EVERYONE seemed to be there for Piku...and what a mix...from all sorts of North Indians to Bengalis to Punjabis to Sardars to ladies in burqa and more...they had all come to have a dekho...

The hall was packed, not one seat was empty...AND....from the time the background music started filtering in, I could see people nodding their heads to the rhythm. AND once the #PikuJourneySong came up, I couldn't imagine what happened - people started singing out loud along with the song on the screen and once it faded out they actually cheered and clapped. People were smiling with the song and there was actually so much happiness around...I can't tell you the atmosphere it created, and especially in a city that has not heard the Anupam Roy magic on screen, except only the movie Chatushkone that was released outside Kolkata. So it was really beautiful seeing so many people connecting so well to the music.

Lovely na? And hey, here's me heading out for my Piku date last night ;)

Have you watched Piku? Any special experience or anything you would like to share? Tell me here!

- Debolina Raja Gupta