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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Piku Week: Day #1 : What Did The Punjabi Aunty Say?

Starting today, this is going to be the #PikuWeek on this blog. Why now? Because I did not get the chance to watch this movie yet....even though I have been jumping with excitement muchhhhh before the release. But as is obvious with the love the audience is continuing to show, tickets are alllll sold out and I just couldn't find any! So we begin today.....

For today, I'll tell you my #PikuStory

So I was taking a walk in one of Delhi's lush green streets, with lots of people walking yet no one acknowledging each other. Out of the blue there was this old lady who gave me a smile. Of course I smiled back and one thing let to another and suddenly, while discussing something else, she said 'You must watch Piku.'

Can you imagine the smile I had? I bet you can...I was smiling like an ass like I always do.....gosh!

So very nicely I asked her - why?

The old Punjabi aunty told me that she watched the movie in the first few days of its release. And ever since she has been recommending it to everyone - family, friends and even strangers of all age and tongue!

She has lived in Delhi all her life and has picked up some Bengali too from friends, so she was especially happy to hear the Bengali lyrics in the song. According to her, the songs and the background score reminded her of the freshness she used to experience in the movies that she used to watch in her time. 'The music is so pleasant, I am surprised no one in Bollywood thought of asking him to share his music here. It is fresh and light and made me want to hum. I loved it.'

I told her why her comments were making me so happy. I told her I would ensure I tell Anupam about it. 'Make sure you tell him that I loved the music. And do thank him for the wonderful music he gave us. Definitely do it for me.' And we ended the walk with a hug.

It is so beautiful the way music connects us. I have always believed in the power of good music, and have made some amazing friends out of strangers just because we shared the same taste in music. Isn't it lovely? The old lady was so happy with the music that Anupam has been making for so long but that managed to reach her only now. It made my day to see the smile on her face and hear what she said....

- Debolina Raja Gupta