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Monday, September 3, 2012

Anupam Roy: Jaani Dekha Hobe (Song)


It happens only once in a long time that there comes along a song, like the whiff of fresh air, carrying that faraway scent, the fragrance that instantly tugs at your heart. A song that has the power to take you to the land of dreams and escape, to transport you to a place where no boundaries, no hands, can hold you back...where you, and your soul, are truly free......

Strong in lyrics, melody, arrangement, and a voice that can only best be described as 'hypnotic', this is the song titled Jaani Dekha Hobe, sung by, who else, but Anupam Roy!

(do excuse the fact that I cannot help you with translations here, I'm not good at understanding all the words myself and can't risk meddling with Anupam's work. Hope you understand.)

Sing Along: 

melechho chool, khulechho daana
jaani aangul chhoyaano maana
tobu aaji aami raaji
chaapa thonte kotha photey

aamake raakho buker poshone
tomar noromey

jo vaada kiya wo nibhana parega
rokey zamaana chaahey rokey khudaayi
tumko aana parega

chokh bole na na jole jaabo na
raat boley na biphole jaabo na
chhoto golper stall'e jaabo na
tui na ele

dekha jaabe jodi janajani hoye
jonaaki'ra bhaalo ghum paaraani hoye
taara'rao naaki obhimaani hoye
dekha na pele

jaani dekha hobe
thonter bhtetore
ghumer aadore
jo vaadaa.....(instrumental)

ghaash baalishera paash pherano thhaak
bichhaanaar nichey ghum piano thhaak
michhi michhi kichhu mom jaalaani thhak
eka table'e
kaancha mithe chhoya diye maapi mon
chhoto kaagojer bheed'e chhapi mon
mone thhaake na je mon khaaraapi mon
dekha na dile

jaani dekha hobey
raat'er shorire
tomaar gobhire

jo vaada........ (instrumental)

melechho chool khulechho daana.......

- Debolina Raja Gupta