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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Anupam Roy: Tomaar Bhetor Theke (Song)

I happened to come across this song by chance. Never heard it before, and never saw any mention of it earlier, and Im really surprised why! A song that's just about 07 lines long, feels as if sung at a time when someone's sitting on a window seat, looking out on a rain-clad day....a half-finished coffee mug by the side, guitar lying down in one corner, slightly tilted...eyes looking out but not really seeing...

A song that will connect with anyone who's ever been in love, been out of it, happily stayed away from it but may do with a bit of it, and for anyone who feels that void in their lives despite everything..really, a song for anyone who has gone ahead with what the heart says...Outstanding!

Sing Along:
Tomaar bhetor theke
Aamaaye jei enechho dekey
Tomaar ghorer bhetor aamar ghor

Tomaar bhetor theke….

Ekhon mon onnojon
Tomaar aaynaaye nei aami
Brishtiheen klanto din
Aamaar kothar paaglaami

Tumi aamaaye cheno ki

Tomaar bhetor theke…..

-Debolina Raja Gupta