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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Piku Week Day # 4 Piku Unplugged Music By Anupam Roy (Speaks To Fever 104 FM About Piku, His Music And More)

While I did hear a lot lot lot about Piku and Anupam Roy on both Mumbai and Delhi FM, I unfortunately did not get a chance to 'listen' to the excitement on Kolkata radio (coz I don't visit there often, simple!). So when I saw this interview (thanks to Anupam and Nabarun for sharing the link!!) I knew I had to share it with all of you who may not have heard or seen it yet...

As the interview is in Bengali, I will share some of the conversation here (I am leaving out the parts that are not about his music or work)... for those of you who do not know, Nobby, or Nabarun Bose, is a huuuuuuuuuge Sherlock fan (and a Superman Fan and a Batman fan and an all those super hero fans that are out there and I still do not know about!!!) so it was obvious that the interview began with a rendition of the classic Sherlock theme as played by Nobby on the keyboards....enjoy it first...

And here's the conversation that follows:

RJ: So tell us about your musical journey all the way back from your first movie Autograph (Bengali) in 2010 till Piku in 2015.
Anupam: The journey has been really great. I'm having a lot of fun. And it's actually like 'hum chalein bahaaron mein' and people have loved the songs. The songs have come out one after the other and that's what has given me the encouragement to come out with new songs more and more. It has been great. I'm looking forward to a bigger journey.

RJ: Tell us about that dramatic moment when you were offered Piku.
Anupam: Of course it was dramatic. One fine day Shoojit da (Piku director Shoojit Sircar) called me and said he is working on a movie and would I be interested in doing the music and the compositions. He only mentioned that it's a Hindi movie. I said obviously I'd love to.

So we fixed up a meeting and I was invited to his place. I went to his home and it was exactly a year back, April 2014. I remember it was quite hot and I reached Salt Laka (Kolkata) at his residence. We discussed about it and he asked me to first share one song with him. He gave me a theme and a situation.

At that moment I had no idea the film was Piku. So when he mentioned that the songs would be for Piku I said 'great' and we started off with one song. The first song that I made and shared with him was Bezubaan. He loved it so much that he asked for another. I remember that after Bezubaan got selected I was so happy I came back and partied with friends and Nabarun was also in that party.

The entire work on the music including audio mixing and everything else has happened in Kolkata. Our sound engineer Shomi Chatterjee (yeaaa .... bhaida!!!!) was also involved in the entire process and we had a lot of brainstorming and excitement about how to create the songs, how the entire effect should be and everything, and now that people are loving the songs we are absolutely thrilled.

I as such do not have a clear favorite. Every song has a special memory attached to it. And I even remember each and every moment associated with the songs, even the recording moments.

Once I got approval with the songs I started discussing singers with Shoojit da. I suggested many male singer names to Shoojit da but he did not like any of them and asked me to sing instead. I told him I had only made the scratch versions and it's a big project and it would look weird that I was writing the songs, composing the music and singing them too! But I could not win the battle with Shoojit da and it was entirely his decision that all the male versions in the song would be sung by me.

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- Debolina Raja Gupta