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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Piku Week Day#3: Piku Sarod Theme By Anupam Roy

From the moment the movie #Piku started there was something that was tugging at our hearts, right? Did you figure out what that was? Did you notice those strings that were pulling at you?

I'm talking about the magic of sarod that blended a sepia toned image of bachpan, our childhood days spent in Delhi's galiyaan and lanes, those times spent with your parents that are taken for granted and later cherished and shed a tear or two for, those lazy afternoons of doing nothing, that longing for the love who isn't around or who doesn't know about it yet, that hug that can block out the entire world and those fallen leaves that caress your steps on those beautiful and snug winter mornings...

It's so much and more.....and all of that is brought back by the sarod theme composed by Anupam Roy that runs through the movie.

Here's the link to the sarod theme...LISTEN TO IT HERE