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Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Wishes Shall Always Remain: Happy Birthday Anupam Roy

I'm sharing this pic for this post for a reason .... it was the first time I met Anupam Roy, been quite some years now, and even though a lot from this picture taken then has changed now, the love, the admiration and the magic has remained the same - or maybe grown over the years.

It's not that wishing someone for birthday makes everything special and amazing, but still, it's a way to let that person know that yes, you do appreciate the presence of that person in your life, in whatever way it may be.

Anupam Roy has given me some of the most amazing moments that could possibly be created by music. They have touched me and devoured me and thrown me back in my place and taken me for a ride - and I have never had a chance to complain ... ever....

Every year I give so many reasons to love the Anupam Roy magic....

But this year?

Let me just say I am happy, I know what the man and his music means to me, and even if I don't say it out right now in as many words, my wishes and my love shall always remain.

Ki all you wonderful people - theek to? :)

- Debolina Raja Gupta