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Thursday, March 12, 2015

10 Things That Listening To An Anupam Roy Song Brings To Mind...Always

I chose the number 10 coz that's a read-able number for you all .... Ask me to continue the list and it has the potential to cross a few articles in terms of length.....there are just so many things to choose from that it defeats the purpose.

So the idea is that I tell you the first 10 things that come to my mind each time I listen to an Anupam Roy song....and these are 10 common feelings that come to my mind almost each time I listen to any of his songs...

Here goes....

1. The first thing that always comes to my mind when I listen to an Anupam Roy song is night time. Always always I see the settings in night, and me standing in the frame and darkness spread out with a few city lights popping up here and there....but its not melancholic or depressing or's just night time...and especially coz I'm a lover of the it's even more interesting for me....

2. The second thing that always comes to my mind is an upbeat feeling....Of course with any Anupam
Roy song, the energy is such that you want to get up and dance to the tunes yourself. But even when you listen to a sad version of his song, there is something so strong and magnetic in it that you want to sing along and move your head...even while being sad yourself!!! Getting my point?

3. Rain.....I always get an image of raindrops whenever I listen to an Anupam Roy song....I absolutely love rains and love dancing and walking in the rain (who doesn't though?) and each time I listen to his songs, no matter happy or sad, there are rain drops somewhere in my mind's frame.

4. Of course if I love rain and see it with every Anupam Roy song, what logically will follow is the smell of wet earth drenched freshly in rain...And that is also what will be here in this list....It's like a strong interaction of your senses, each time you listen to an Anupam Roy song...from visualizing to actually getting the fragrance through told you his songs are magical...

5. Logic doesn’t always have to follow…so the next thing that comes to my mind is smiles…lots and lots of smiles on my face and on the face of anyone else who may pop up in my dreamscape or mindscape at the time I am listening to the sound. Of course this happens when I am listening to his happy or romantic songs…they are soooo amazing and I tell you, make the perfect anti-depressant drug!

6. Of course a stage…and bright lights flooding in but the images may not always be super clear…I can see lots of people around and hands up in the air clapping and cheering…but that’s something that also happens in real each time he performs anywhere…so maybe these snatches come to me from those events I have been to…but overall, I see so much cheer in those moments that the song is playing in my head.

7. Openness…and it can get a little weird to explain it here…but the idea is that what I see before me as I close my eyes and listen to an Anupam Roy song is vastness and openness without any boundaries. The world is your playground is the kind of feeling I am talking about. I guess if you want to delve in deeper, it would be identical to the concept of doing away with the shadow lines that draw the boundaries. It’s amazing how this feeling comes up each time I listen to an Anupam Roy song…it’s as if his songs tell me to lose all inhibitions and break out of all barriers and just be the person I want to be…quite a strong feeling that….

8. Kolkata streets…what else! Most of my trips, in fact almost all of my trips that I have made to Kolkata in the past few years have been to catch Anupam Roy’s concerts. So each time I visit Kolkata, I know I will be at some or the other concert of his, or at some place where I can experience his music in real time. So obviously, and not surprisingly, Anupam Roy’s music to me is synonymous with the streets of Kolkata, especially coz when I’m there, I do a lot of walking around and exploring the city on my own.. hence the ‘streets.’

9. Continuing with the theme of Kolkata streets, the next thing that also comes to mind a lot when I listen to an Anupam Roy song is the typical old styled shuttered windows in Kolkata’s houses. Then again, I walk a lot through old streets when I am there, so I do see these shuttered windows around, and they are always very mysterious and charming, both at the same time. I am fascinated by what stories are going on behind those shuttered spaces, and in a way, this feeling also comes to mind when I listen to these songs…trying to understand sometimes what’s going on in my head and what’s going on around me….

10. I did say smiles earlier, but another connecting feeling that I always always always get when I listen to an Anupam Roy song is the feeling of happiness….it’s such a positive feeling listening to his music…it’s as if each time I plug in to his music, someone is telling me ‘don’t worry, whatever your thoughts, all will be fine, all is fine, and everything is good and happy!’ and that is exactly what I feel…it’s an amazing feeling really and truly…..

I'm sure just the way I have my feelings that come up each time I listen to an Anupam Roy song, you have your's tell me what all comes to your mind when you listen to his music :)

- Debolina Raja Gupta