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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Anupam Roy Music: Should Come With An Insomnia Warning!

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Yes, it's a requisite I would say.....just how many times have you listened to an Anupam Roy song without realizing how long you've been listening?

Ask me and I will say...well...not many times, just about almost every day maybe! Huh!

So picture this....

It's late at night and I wrap up my work. The clock says something around midnight or past. Finally, all work done, I know I will relax now, read a book, listen to some music, watch a video or two....and I end up - well - listening to music, and one particular playlist at that.

Everyone is sleeping, the lights have been switched off and a cool breeze is flowing through the house, bringing in the scent of the sea and the hills.....I go and sit on my balcony, looking out at the few dots of light that are still on and will stay up with me....It's a magical time, especially with the magic in my ears.

And then begins the phase of listening and living the music.....

Headphones on....
Singing along to the main vocals.
Singing along to the backup vocals.
Moving my head to the music.
Eyes wide open.
Mind wide open.
Air drumming.
Air pianoing.
All imagining.
All living...

And living and living and loving...

And the clock says 3:30 Hello??!! What??!! a.m. !!!!

And I have to wake up in 3 hours' time again to work and carry on with the day...

And this isn't just the one off story, it is an everyday or every alternate day thing!

And you wonder why I'm asking for a warning label....

And let me tell you...warning or no's an addiction that you just can't get out of!

- Debolina Raja Gupta