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Monday, January 12, 2015

Anupam Roy In Concert: Why You Should Watch This Magic For Yourself

If you are based in Kolkata you probably hear his charm at least once a day. Each time I am visiting the city I feel his songs seeping out of anything that has to do with music - whether it is the radio, the television or any concert happening in or around the city - this one voice is always there.

If you are not based in Kolkata, like me, and never have lived in the city, you still cannot miss out on this voice if you do happen to know this language. Of course there have been many instances when people do not understand the language and still love his music... Like I said, there is no escaping it.

So what is it that makes it so important for me to watch him in concert? Of course I love listening to his songs and his music, and it has become almost an addiction that is there with me almost all nights. Nights when I can't sleep or won't sleep, nights when I am staring out into the beautiful darkness and the approaching dawn, and times when I am with myself. Those are the times when I always have company in this one voice.

But I need more.

I crave much more than the music that lives in my ears and in my mind and heart.

I want to witness this magic live.

This is what takes me back to his city so many of the times that I do visit.

An Anupam Roy concert isn't just about getting to see the man on stage, in front of you. It's about
entering a world that's speckled with magic in each of its pores, an experience that will touch in some way or other for sure.

The magic begins from the time the sound checks begin. They know he is there and they can't wait to catch a glimpse and hear that voice. There is so much waiting and anticipation going on around you that it's almost electric. Reach out your hand and you can feel it.

Slowly the music starts to warm up. They know he is about to arrive.

And then there he is. That voice that tells them the wait was worth it, the wait is over. It's sheer craziness and excitement from that moment on.

Being in a live concert of Anupam Roy you get to see all sorts of emotions. Girls screaming at the top of their voices, their faces contorted with excitement, jumping, literally bumping into each other, pushing those around them without even realising, and regaining their composure in the next instant, only to lose it again. They shriek and they call out to him and they actually chant 'Anupam I love you' and you can see that love and that worship in their eyes. They call up their friends while still watching him and tell them 'you know where I am???? I am watching Anupam Roy LIVE right now!!!'

The boys aren't any less excited let me tell you. They head bang like there is gonna be no more tomorrow to do it. They chant, they sing along, they shout, they hoot, they call out 'Anupam daaaa' and they jump and pump their fist in the air, shouting themselves hoarse.

Look around and you will see every single person in the crowd enthralled and rapt in attention, staring straight ahead on the stage, singing along, asking for more and replying to each of his comments. They just will not zap out of it.

Like I said, you can actually feel yourself getting a zing out of the air if you reach out your hand then and there...there's so much energy and positive vibes and much of it.

And why not.

I think music like this is meant to connect, no matter what the language, no matter how far or near. I know it does connect, and it will.

And as for me, I know I will keep crossing the states to be there, every little time I can.

- Debolina Raja Gupta