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Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Official! The Man With The Soulful Voice Finds His Soul Mate....Congratulations Anupam And Lady Love

*image is Anupam Roy's own

It's official now.....and here's what appeared in the news in a Calcutta paper....and I'm sharing it as it is.

For those of you like me who don't live in that can read the same story here in the article or READ IT ONLINE ON THE PAPER'S PAGE.

The two bonded over their love for bangla band Chandrabindoo

Social media has stood testimony to several starry breakups and make-ups in the past. While gossip mills have fed off those part-hasty part-calculated announcements, who would have thought Tollywood to give a fitting reply to that! In fact, it came as a huge surprise when Anupam Roy
, the reticent singer-songwriter, took to Facebook recently to write about the mystery woman in his life — Piya Chakraborty .

*image is Anupam Roy's own

Anupam, who is the flavour of the season with back-to-back hits from Chotushkone and the recent Bondhu chol ( Open Tee Bioscope) wrote: "Amar tomake aro bhalobashte ichhe kore kintu amake keu bolechhe chashma pora kono narir preme porona, bichhede dujonar kanchei bashpo (I feel like loving you more, but someone warned me not to fall for a woman with specs as separation would mean shrouding the glasses with vapour)" and shared it with Piya.

The update, which has garnered thousands of likes, has several Anupam fans congratulating the duo. When asked, Anupam said he's indeed `seeing and meeting' Piya. "Piya is currently doing her PhD in Anthropology in Greater Noida. She comes from Presidency University and I am from Jadvapur University . For me, it's more of JU meeting Presi," said the Tollywood composer, tongue firmly in cheek. Though not ready to open up on the love story, Anupam added that he has known Piya "for ever and ever". On being asked about marriage, he said, "That is not yet decided." Piya, on her part, added that she has known Anupam for years. "From being complete strangers to acquaintances to friends -it has been a fluid relationship. I met him one spring in the heart of the city, amidst a lot of hustle-bustle. We are both nerdy people, wearing glasses... What brought us together, amidst other things, was our love for Chandrabindoo," she said. A student of Rabindrasangeet, she has heard most of Anupam's songs as well."Yes, I've heard them more or less," she added reluctantly.Piya, who is currently in Noida, will take three-and-a-half years to complete her PhD. For Kolkatans, who continue to enjoy `bawshonto' even in the peak of winter, here's a love story to cherish!


- Debolina Raja Gupta