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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Anupam Roy and Srijit Mukherjee Interview: Spilling The Beans About Each Other

Am pretty sure if you're based in Calcutta you've already read this one....and laughed out loud too.... But just in case you aren't based in Cal, here's a word by word account of the fun interview that I too read online.

This interview came out I think just ahead of the concert that The Anupam Roy Band had at Calcutta Medical College last week. Srijit Mukherjee had also been there, as part of the promotions of the upcoming movie (though am not a 100% sure on that, so please don't kill me verbally for saying so.)

Well, here's the interview as it appears in the online version...enjoy :)

It's been a long journey for both of you from your data mining and analogue chip designing days in Bangalore to making movies and music in Calcutta. What are your earliest memories of each other?
Srijit: This was at Ranjon Ghoshal's residence in Bangalore called Yellow Submarine. I saw this boy sitting with a diary and a guitar surrounded by a group of people, each busy doing something else but this boy persistently and unapologetically singing away one kickass song after another with a lot of energy and eagerness till people started to warm up to him.
Anupam: A lot of times when you're singing, half the people don't listen and then they come and say 'bah, bhalo hoyeche.' I saw this guy stand and listen to me for a long time and then ask
me many questions. I liked his serious interest in my music. Our second meeting was more memorable. He came with a tape recorder and said 'Tui gaan kor aami record korbo.' I found it super strange. Why should anyone just record all my songs? Yaarki naaki? But he was super confident. He said 'shon, ekdin tui Sonu Nigam hobi aar aami Gulshan Kumar hobo.' And I was like, what is this guy saying! That's how our friendship started. I remember riding around with him on his bike without a helmet, cops catching us, Srijit singing to cops. I think I survived Bangalore because of those crazy days.

What has changed and stayed the same after all the fame and glory?
Anupam: Srijit Mukherji is still the same - his way of talking, mannerisms. Earlier he used to offer me a lift in his Honda Activa bike and now he offers me a lift in his car. 
Srijit: What has probably changed is our 'us-time.' I get to see less and less of him with every passing day. It's a music lover's gain but my loss.
Anupam: Is that just my fault?
Srijit: Not really, but he's more busy than I am in terms of things to do every day - shows and recordings.
Anupam: Earlier at even half an hour's notice I used to rush at his call because I hadn't sung all day. Now my days are such that I've sung so much that I feel exhausted.
Srijit: That apart, we've both developed a defense mechanism to survive in the industry but not with each other. In fact, we compare notes on how we handled a situation or got out of a mess! And Anupam's PR skills are disastrous. He has taken politically incorrect statements to a new level.

Is life today everything you wished for?
Anupam: I'm getting to record albums, do music for films, perform on stage, so I'm happy. Having quit my job, I'm getting a lot of time to explore my creativity, watch movies, read books..
Srijit: If you have so much time then how come no time for me? Must be up to something that I don't know of.
Anupam: Eta to khub hingshutey kotha!
Srijit: I'm doing what I always wanted to do despite all the green-eyed monsters trying to pull me down. I'm surviving because of the immense amount of love my audience has showered me with. Can you believe it, on Teacher's Day, a lot of people wished me?
Anupam: Are you really saying this!?
Srijit: Of course! I always wanted to be a professor because my parents are from the teaching profession.
Anupam: What will you teach students?
Srijit: A lot of things! Eije kaorami-ta korchish, have you forgotten the time you'd call me every day to ask if you should quit your job?
Anupam: I just wanted to know what you would teach as a professor! Did you attend classes? (facepalms himself)
Srijit: No one would attend classes! The fact that people are wishing me Happy Teachers' Day is something beyond my dreams. It's flattering and inspiring! See, I love touching lives. When someone tells me she's rethought her suicide plans after watching Hemlock Society I feel overwhelmed and overawed. Thanks to social media, you know how you've affected people and that gives me a kick. Makes me believe that I did the right thing by quitting my job.
Anupam: The fact that I can wake up late, spend my mornings my way, do more with music and explore other arts make me like my life and feel lucky. That's it.
Srijit: That is true for me too but it also goes beyond.

What do you bond over best?
Anupam: Music.
Srijit: Absolutely. And women.
Anupam: Not at all! What he enjoys best is ragging me. With a lot of random women!
Srijit: Teasing Anupam is a delightful experience. Anupam blushing after being teased is such an audio-visual delight.

And argue?
Srijit: Lyrics..
Anupam: That was earlier when I had the habit of trying to reason and argue. Then I realised it was all futile. When I'm working on someone else's film I'm not so important...
Srijit: Obhimaan....We also argued about Mishawr Rawhoshyo! (Laughs)
Anupam: Shetaar jonnyo khub ekta obhimaan hoyni aamar. And it's good to take a break from Srijit after a film!
Srijit: When he works on other films, koi amar to obhimaan hoyna?
Anupam: That's because a music director doesn't choose the director! But in our friendship such things are tertiary. I've even sold tickets for his plays.

Both of you write lyrics. Who are your influences?
Srijit: Kabir Suman in every way. Also Leonard Cohen and Rabindranath Tagore.
Anupam: Bengali poets like Binoy Majumdar and Aryanil Mukherjee. Also Oasis, Simon & Garfunkel and Chandrabindoo.

Favourite kinds of sound?
Srijit: The pitter patter of raindrops, the sound of silence and the sound of Anupam falling in love!
Anupam: When you visit a Bengali home, the host will go into the kitchen and you hear this sound of a spoon being stirred inside a cup. I find that exciting! In anticipation of what is coming my way. I also like the sound of a flowing river.

Most annoying sounds?
Anupam: The long siren-like sound of honking cars and lorries. Also, para announcements on loudspeakers.
Srijit: Feedback on microphones..

If you were a song you'd be?
Anupam: Jodi bolo hyan by Chandrabindoo
Srijit: Kabir Suman's Jaatishwar

If you were a piece of food?
Srijit: I'd be a Mixed Grill Sizzler
Anupam: Narkeler Naru

Favourite place to eat?
Srijit: Bohemian, Oasis, Baan Thai and Sangu Valley
Anupam: Studio food and home
Srijit: That I can vouch for. Na kauke khaway na kothao khete jaay!
Anupam: I want to eat seven days a week at home. We eat out so often, I find it comfortable at home.

An actress you'd like to get naughty with?
Srijit: Monica Bellucci and Salma Hayek
Anupam: It always changes with age. Used to be Manisha Koirala, changed to Winona Ryder and then Irene Jacob

Most outrageous rumour you've heard about yourself?
Srijit: I've heard that Anupam is bisexual. Found it very bizarre.
Anupam: What?! Someone once said that they had seen me drive past when I actually can't drive.
Srijit: Most outrageous thing I've heard about myself is I'm arrogant..
Anupam: See, one cannot purify oneself through an interview.. you have 'I am arrogant' written all over your face!
Srijit: Don't gang up against me, I'm not arrogant, unlike you...
Anupam: See, I'm not denying I'm arrogant but not as much as you....Tumi to dhop merei cholechho...
Srijit: (Laughs) What people term as arrogance is actually confidence and rumour is spread by those who aren't sure of themselves.

Do you have a tattoo?
Anupam: I'll never ever get a tattoo. It doesn't go with me, my persona or my ambition in life.
Srijit: Yes, he's a home-grown bhaat-dal loving choshma-pora boy, far away from stereotypes of long hair, tattooed, indisciplined musicians! I too would stay away from tattoos. I'm scared of needles.

A superpower your want?
Srijit: To end all forms of violence.
Anupam: Is this a beauty pageant? Then I want equal education for all.
Srijit: Don't compete with me!
Anupam: Okay then, I'd want to control time.
Srijit: And I want the power to control Anupam!

Anupam, you make music for Srijit and Srijit, you support Anupam's music because...
Anupam: He's someone who's really lived with my songs. I feel happy and safe when I'm working with him.
Srijit: A lot of people say that he keeps his best for me. I wouldn't disagree. Anupam doesn't do it consciously, but since I live his music I recognise his best - ones where he gives himself completely and those that are carefully constructed. And I don't think his music needs my support. I take shelter in his music.
Anupam: This is the humble Srijit speaking.
Srijit: 'Humble Srijit' is a double superlative like 'Arrogant Srijit' is an oxymoron!
(Anupam laughs out loud)

*this is not my creation, just sharing what appeared online on the link shared.

- Debolina Raja Gupta