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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bakyobageesh Tour Mumbai Leg: Behind The Scenes With The Anupam Roy Band At Mumbai

This was at the hotel on the second day of the tour for the concert at Vashi, Navi Mumbai

With Sandipan, fooling around - pic courtesy Nabarun :) This was at the hotel, the third day of the concert that happened at Andheri

Fooling around with Nabarun - pic courtesy Sandipan

These awesome boys are always in a rush to eat and hurry - time flies by while on a tour, and the lovely gang has to be up and ready in minutes...

On our way to the last day of the Mumbai concert - headed to Andheri

Waiting to go on stage - the lovely Roheet

I love them, that's all I can say - from (L)-(R): Shubhojeet, Anupam, me, Bhaida, Nabarun, Sandipan, Roheet

*all the pics are personal clicks and shall not be used without permission

- Debolina Raja Gupta