Anupam Roy Fans

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Anupam Roy and Ladies Ga-Ga!

You're one of them...aren't you? Well, if the trend on the man's social networking pages and fan pages are anything to go by, Anupam Roy is surely becoming quite the ladies' man....Umm...actually change that to 'has become quite the ladies' man.' 

With female fans pouring in on his pages from all over Kolkata, West Bengal, Bangladesh, India, US and other parts of the world, and Bong ladies from any and all parts of the world, this sure is one ladies ga-ga phenomenon that's happened quite fast for a Bengali celebrity.

I was made to assume that there are some other Bengali males who enjoy a similar fan following - I'm talking about some actors here. But once I checked out their profiles and spoke to some friends who live in Bengal, I realised that the appreciation, admiration, adulation and love that's pouring over and over-flowing for Anupam Roy is by far stronger, more sensible and real...Hmmm....

Of course there are the usual school and college-going giggly gang of girls too, the puppy loves, the mushy messages, the blossoming imaginary romances and the constant proclamations of love to Anupam 'da', but the fact can't be ignored that Anupam Roy is also quite a bigger rage amongst today's young 'thinking woman.' I've personally come across many such ladies who are from various parts of India and outside, and who are mature, smart, intellectual and perceptive people - and the one thing they all seem to have in common is the love for Anupam Roy.

So what's going on? Is it the lyrics? Is it the eyes? The flashing dimples? The soulful voice? The 'personal' feeling that comes with most of his songs where it seems he's singing only to you? Or is it the smartness, the freshness, the vibrancy, and the being 'real' and down-to-earth nature of this creative genius that is making his lady admirers drop in from near and far? Or is it the lone nature of the man, the pain somewhere-deep-within that calls out to you?

Whatever it is, this phenomenon is here to stay and only grow stronger and bigger by each passing day......

- Debolina Raja Gupta