Anupam Roy Fans

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Anupam Roy Four Factor

Found this online amongst a collection of stuff from a fan...this came out in some Kolkata daily or mag, sorry I'm not aware where, and I don't have a link to it. So I'm simply sharing here what I read...

Obsession: Football! I'm never tired whether I'm watching or playing football. If there's a match on, trust me not to move from the television screen. If I get a chance even now, I simply roll up my trousers and head to the grounds to play football.

Favourite Food: Sweets! The more sweet it is, the better. There's no 'NO' when it comes to sweets. Especially home-made sweets like coconut 'naadoo' paatishaapta, paayesh, different varieties of 'pithe' etc. Bengali food is my favourite. But if I'm traveling out of Bengal, I love tasting the local flavours of that particular country or state.

Best Award: Not one, I keep receiving them often. That's the clapping of my audience. There's no more special award in my life than this. When I go on stage. The audience sitting in front breaks into an applause. That's the moment when my heart fills up.

Fear: I'm most scared of ghosts. I can't bear staying alone at home. It's almost as if a ghost is coming right out to grab me. While studying in school and college, if I was ever alone at home, I would always sit with my back on the wall, facing the door. Don't know why, I always felt that the ghost would come through the door. Even now I always cover my face with a sheet while sleeping. It always gives me some courage, can always hide under the sheets if a ghost comes! I know what to message you Anupam and when!!! ;-) 

- Debolina Raja Gupta