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Friday, November 7, 2014

Anupamer Lekha by Anupam Roy: An Arty Look At Poetry

front cover thing you can be assured of when you are reading an Anupam Roy book is that it's not just a book, it's also an art in the visual form.....'Shara raat kete jaaye tor kotha bhebe'....the entire night passes by thinking of you....

On my recent trip to Kolkata a couple weeks back, I was sitting at this really amazing old worldish 'small' chai shop sipping through a cup of brewed Makaibari tea. It was the perfect afternoon when Kolkata was just starting to turn from hot to a pleasant feeling, and I was already dreading the thought of returning to scorching Mumbai.

My chai finish, I went to the counter, looking at the many artefacts and tea pots, paying up my bill, when I saw a section of the area dedicated to bengali books. Yes I don't read bengali much, in fact I must admit with a not-so-proud feeling that I don't read bengali books - I can read it, but it takes me absolutely years to finish one page of bangla, and then it's just not worth it - loses all the charm. Books, however, fascinate me, whether I bring them home or not, and so it was that I looked around and thought I saw something that read 'Anupam Roy.'

It didn't click and I turned back to the counter and then....whoops....what????....wait.....what did I see????......and then turned back again to the book space......and looked closely....

There, standing stylishly amongst many other bengali books was the one book by Anupam Roy that I still hadn't found anywhere......Anupamer Lekha.'ve really been giving me many reasons to smile and moments to cherish.... :)

Of course we went back home....'we' meaning the book and me.....

Anupamer Lekha by Anupam Roy completes my collection of the 3 written treasures by the man. His first book that I got was Chhoyache Kolom, followed by Shomoyer Baire and finally Anupamer Lekha. Of course I read all the wonderful columns that he writes (and have tried to share some of them here on the blog too) and his writing is something I've always enjoyed. In fact, his writing is the only bengali writing that I do read.

back cover jacket....a beautiful shot that I'm sure you've seen earlier, but shared here in a lovely way

Priced at INR 100

The front inner cover jacket.....Anupam Roy talks about his thoughts on poetry and prose, how this book came about, and about one of his favourite persons, in his words, Shomit da. If you've read some of his columns before, I'm sure you're familiar with this name

The back inner cover jacket

 The first page in the I said, everything has been created very sure you've seen this image of the earliest

 And this one too......

Here are the various online spaces where you can find the get in touch via e-mail in case you can't locate the book. 
These are the following stores where you can find the book:
De's, De book store, Bookfriend, Chakrabarty and Chatterjee Naba Grantha Kutir Balaka (College Street), Books (Shiliguri), New Central Book House (Shiliguri), Pustak Mahal, Mukta Dhara (Gole Market, New Delhi)

 Isn't this what we all want? The biggest inspirations in our lives...And that's where Anupam Roy's dedications his parents, his baba ma

 Like I said....every page is an art in itself

 Here's his poetry.....his kobita....and here's more of art form.....beautiful collections


- Debolina Raja Gupta