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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

From YOU The Fans To Him The Man: Message Of The Week

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So, much as we all love and love and love the man, yes, of course I am talking about Anupam Roy people ..... :) there is a major strength that makes him what he is - it's your love and adulation!!!

It's a known fact that Anupam Roy has, on many occasions, shown appreciation for his fans, who continue to love and support him in all he does.

And of course I understand that love, and how much you all love the magic he creates.

I've been reading some amazing comments on this blog, and trust me, I have chatted up with many of you, and it's been a really sweet experience.

It's time I started acknowledging you all...

Starting today, I will put up your messages, one message a week, on the blog, upper right bar. All your messages and comments are special, and trust me, I will put them all up, maybe this week, maybe next, maybe a little later. But I will.

Of course, you are free to write your very own message that you want to be displayed. Just share it in the comment section here, and if there is a particular song you are writing about, mention that too.

Thanks much people....I know how much you all love and appreciate Anupam Roy, and I will ensure he knows all about it.

- Debolina Raja Gupta