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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Beginning of A Story: Anupam Roy On The Novel Path

Okay, so I JUST HEARD this !!! And of course, as all my friends and readers on my other blog already know, am a crazy book lover, so this one is definitely a very exciting news for me!!!!

So what's the news?

Anupam Roy has started working on a novel.....whoa whoa whoa! (And just to let you know, I'm going to flex all my charms and influence and the like to get my hands on the FIRST signed copy! You may happily go for the second, third and so on.....!!!)

 For those of you who can't read the Bengali script, here's what it says, in an English translation as well as I could: (the exact Bengali is also shared at the bottom of the post in the english script)

'Anupam Roy is working on a new novel at home. ''I'm trying to write it by breaking away from the typical Bengali language and the typical novel style. Just started. Let's see how it goes.''

Though the name isn't decided yet, Anupam regrets he isn't able to write it in a serialised manner (or something that can be adapted to a serial?) sorry I couldn't get that translation correct.

'' I'm writing as and when I'm getting the inspiration, else it gets stuck.  Right now it's in that 'stuck' phase. Let's see when it gets over'' says Anupam.

 Wow.....and now, the bengali in english script....

'Upanyashik Anupam!

 'Highway' chhobir recording cholchhey. Shongey nijer tritiyo album'er recording ebong khaan kotok playback......echhara naaki bishesh kono kaaj i korchhen na Anupam Roy. Shei kaaroney baaritey boshey ekhon notun ekti upanyash likhchhen tini! 'Baangla bhasha bhengey, upanyasher shadharon reeti na menei lekhaar cheshta korchhi. shobey shuru korechhi. dekha jaak kemon hoye.''
naam ekhono theek na holeyo, Anupam er afsos, theek dhaarabahi bhabey likhtey parchhen na. ''inspiration theekthaak pelei lekha cholcheey. noyeto aatke jaachhey. ekhon shei 'aatkey' jawar dosha cholchhey. dekha jaak kobey shesh hoye.'' janiyechhen Anupam....

- Debolina Raja Gupta