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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anupam Roy Wants To Play Holi With??

So this is being widely circulated today amongst the entire FB fan circle.....A Kolkata paper seems to have done an article on Celebs and their Holi fantasies (I mean who they would like to play the day of colour with), and here's what the music hearth throb of the joyful city had to say about his heart throb....

The article was titled: (I couldn't translate better, so please go with this)
Who's Who's Krishna and Who's Radha?
If the man of your fantasy played real Holi today, who would he play with?

Says Anupam Roy:
I would want to colour my Radhika 'Kareena Kapoor' in the colours of love. But Ayan Ghosh has a problem. Let that be. I guess I'll ask Saif instead, ask him to sacrifice for a day.....

Aah...that's a good one....I don't have a clue who's Ayan Ghosh, so would rather try and help out Saif and make sure he's looked after, while Kareena is out with the man here ;-)

Who said wishful thinking isn't permitted? Bura na maano Holi Hai!!!!

- Debolina Raja Gupta