Anupam Roy Fans

Friday, March 29, 2013

31 Reasons of Loving An Anupam Roy Song

And you were wondering why we're all crazy about the Anupam Roy brand that burns bright? Well, I don't know about you, or maybe I do, but I'm sure gonna tell you my 31 reasons for goes....

  1. my late-night staple music diet
  2. my personal music creator (like you, I also always feel that he's just singing for me, so I'd appreciate if you let me live in that bubble!)
  3. footloose
  4. crazy
  5. personal head banger
  6. my guide to bengali the new way
  7. contemporary mirror to the Kolkata I don't really know but trying to understand more each day
  8. my way of trying to become a bit more Bangaliyana
  9. my Calcutian (sorry couldn't find a better word for it) link
  10. my 2am sing-along
  11. full-on paagalpanti (of course zaroori hai)
  12. i love any good music with lots and lots of drums
  13. i've always loved loved loved boy bands, so this is no exception
  14. lyrics that let me look at kolkata in an absolutely different way
  15. no dose of typical Bengali melodrama
  16. of course a young singer also makes a lot of difference ;-)  (I'm being honest, so stop making that 'hawwwww' face)
  17. and not to forget the amazing band of 'paagal' boys who make the band as magical as it is - they're all equally crazy must tell you that...starting from Rana to Roheet to Nobi to Rono to Sandy to Shubho!
  18. honest in-your-face
  19. a 'new'ness in every song I hear
  20. powerful enough to blow me away
  21. leaves me breathless and craving for more
  22. lyrics that command my full attention - listening to it 'just-like-that' simply won't work
  23. raw and earth
  24. brazen ('jodi or shaathey bhaalo thaako thaaktey paaro to') ..... hmmm, I get it
  25. starting to get sensuous (I'm kind of liking the change actually) ('aamaar du haath tomaaye chhule tomaar shorir nei aar dotaanaaye') - can that even be a question Anupam, seriously??
  26. poetic with a twist
  27. fast (as in the rythms and the feel too)
  28. upbeat and peppy
  29. lingering haunting melody
  30. direct dil-to-dil, songs that come from the heart to reach your heart, and stay there forever
  31. I even need any more reasons to love Anupam Roy songs than the fact that I absolutely love his voice, the way he sings, what he sings, and how he absolutely sings personally to each and every one of his audience......
- Debolina Raja Gupta