Anupam Roy Fans

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Anupam Roy Band Live In Concert 12th Feb Kolkata

There you have it you lucky Kolkata people..... It's just about Valentine's Day, and who better to serenade you than the one and only, yes you got it... Anupam Roy (marital status very much happily withstanding) and his wonderful band of boys! 

So whether you're happily in love, or happily single (yes, that's a great phase too), or sadly single (sympathies and hugs!) .... make sure you're there there there to cheer them out loud and sing along and shout along and dance along and keep smiling and feeling happy through the show and after.... You know when it comes to The Anupam Roy Band you really do not need any other reason to be happy!!

Venue: Calcutta University College Street Campus
Date: 12th Feb 2016
Time: 5 pm onwards

- Debolina Raja