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Saturday, March 29, 2014

32 Reasons of Loving An Anupam Roy Song

Birthday it is !!!!!!!!

And as yet another year of experiencing the magic goes by, here is a re-cap of why exactly it is that we all are absolutely crazy about his music....and him of course.....!!!

  1. i, for one, have never heard a voice like this ever
  2. the first movie that brought Anupam Roy and his music to the people has bagged a record number of awards...and the awards for the best lyric and music direction and song and vocals were bagged by none other than your favourite.....(cannot thank Srijit Sarkar enough for having given us this blessing!)
  3. the music is soulful
  4. his music is crazy
  5. his music can make you cry in a good way
  6. have you heard Aami Aajkal Bhalo Aachhi? If yes, i don't need to say anything else. If no, listen to it now...
  7. the song Faanka Frame, featured in Jaatishwar, again a Srijit Mukherji movie, is absolutely amazing 
  8. a man who is a great conversationalist
  9. a man who can express himself in almost all forms of creativity!
  10. a man, whose music, no matter how horrible the movie, makes you want to listen to it again and again and again
  11. has formed one of the most amazing bands ever - The Anupam Roy Band. A big mention and a big hug to all the crazies there - Sandy(Sandipan), Nobby (Nabarun), Rono (Ronodeep), Roheet, Rana (Singharoy) and of course Anupam Roy
  12. has turned me into a bengali music lover
  13. responsible for my initiation into watching bengali movies
  14. responsible for me learning bengali lyrics and being able to mouth them!
  15. i have never had so many bengali songs on my phone in my entire life
  16. i have watched entire bengali movies (even the most pathetic ones), just to see and listen to his music
  17. a great way for me to connect to the kolkata of today
  18. my way of reconnecting with a city that has still been a once in a few years vacation place for me
  19. earthy and raw
  20. sensual
  21. the music remains with you long after the song is over
  22. music that blows me away
  23. music that makes me bang and shake my head
  24. music that demands i sing along
  25. a voice that sings just to me, and to you, and to everyone, but personally
  26. the on-going debate of which specs frame suit him ;-) lol yes that has happened a lot amongst the bengali junta
  27. good looking - yes, call me vain, but why not? i can mention it if he can be it...
  28. poetry in simple every day words
  29. crazy amount of energy
  30. live wire performances
  31. amazing mix of various instruments
  32. very real, very you 
that brins me to the end of the list......and yes, yet again, there are more reasons, but that shall come up next year...

For now, Happy Birthday Anupam......wishing you the happiness, love, and everything that you deserve truly and more...and may you always be in the company of those who you truly want around you.....

- Debolina Raja Gupta